If you’re a Jetsons fan on the internet these days, you’re probably living the dream.

Because, if you look really closely at the futuristic cartoon show’s backstory, the main character, George Jetson, may have just had his birthday.

Though you have to look really closely.

The show doesn’t ever state when George was born outright.

But we know that the show takes place in the year 2062, a century ahead of when it premiered on television.

There’s also a line in one of the original shows where someone tells George he might live to be 150, to which HE says he’d have 110 years to go.

If George Jetson is 40 in 2062, that means here in 2022, he’d be born.

But on which day?

People on the internet seem to have just chosen July 31 as the day, though I’ve also seen people claim George Jetson’s birthday is August 27.

(Also: if George Jetson was just born, are Mr. Spacely and Mr. Cogswell already out there somewhere?)

There is another school of thought, though: since The Jetsons is a cartoon where everyone is the same age year after year, the show is always taking place a century from whenever you’re watching.

Which would mean that George Jetson would never be born.

Today is World Elephant Day, and so we’re going to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

If that’s not the first town that comes to mind when you think of elephants, consider that Gettysburg is home to Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium, with some 12,000 elephant figurines.

Sounds like a place you’d never forget.

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