When we last left you, we were talking about a brilliant video in which video game baseball players reenact a real life World Series game.

But it can work the other way, too – real people can reenact video game moments. Like my new favorite game show, Human Tetris:

Hypnotic, isn’t it? Though one hopes that the Tetris Effect doesn’t affect these poor guys, or they’d be endlessly, uncontrollably contorting themselves in their sleep.

It’s also not quite the same without the music – while I am always partial to generic “weirdo Japanese game show” music, in this case it’s not quite the same as the ol’ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Oh, speaking of which… permit me to blow your mind.

Those are apparently giant musical Tesla coils. Which output something like 110 decibels. I figure if the hippies get out of control again, we just round them up and put them in front of these babies for a couple years. Problem… solved.

Lastly – Tetris is not the only game humans can reenact. There’s Human Space Invaders for one, and, of course, Human Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.