Not sure wrecking the offices of your favorite charity is a wise strategy.

Twice in the last few months I’ve heard from young people who know about the A-Team, and I mean the TV series. And they not only know about it, they’ve actually watched it and liked it. The dad in one family told me his boys liked how Hannibal was smart, Face was cool, B.A. was tough and Murdock was, as they put it, “crazy-smart.” In the other case, two tween sisters told me they not only liked the show but had a favorite episode! (I’ll hold off on telling you which one, as it comes up later in this season).

This is very exciting, of course. Like me, these young folks are being exposed to the team at a young age, and this will help them to grow up appreciating the finer things in life. It will inspire them to come up with plans, scams and missions of their own. Most importantly, they’ll eventually want to learn more about the show and when they do internet searches they’ll find this project. Score for me!

Body Slam

Wild Guess Preview: The team avoids Decker with a quick trip to the UK, but then end up in the middle of a music scene war in Manchester. That’s right, Morrissey and Johnny Marr hire the team to stop some slam-dancing punks from ruining Smiths concerts. The team even ends up contributing a song idea: Murdock is going on and on about something and B.A. sighs to himself about how “bigmouth strikes again.”

Face, B.A. and Hannibal the peanut man
Our mission is to raise awareness for Kiwanis’ Peanut Day, guys

The Recap: DON’T BLINK because there’s a short but important scene where an old guy in a grey suit gets out of prison and gets a ride from three dudes in black suits and a limo. That couldn’t be suspicious or anything… eh, who cares, Hulk Hogan is in the ring! He’s taking on Big John Studd in a big match in San Diego, and as “Mean” Gene Okerlund tells us, there are some special guests sitting in “the Hulkster’s special seats.” It’s the team, naturally; B.A. even gets involved by restraining Studd’s manager, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! Hannibal is disguised as a peanut vendor; he tells Face and B.A. that “sitting in the front row is asking for it,” but B.A. says “my buddy needs us!” Hogan mounts a comeback, hits Studd with the big running clothesline, and… the referee stops the match? No pinfall? B.A. climbs in the ring to congratulate the champ. In a post-match interview, the Hulk explains he’s excited, brother, because he’s coming back to L.A. for a match, brother, and he’s donating the money to his favorite brother, I mean, charity, brother.

The team meets Hulk Hogan
Hogan shakes the hands that shook the hands of Rick James. Yeah.