How Two Deaf Mountaineers Plan To Climb The Seven Summits (Cool Weird Awesome 828)

For mountaineers, success and safety can depend on good communication. A piece in Outside magazine featured two Deaf climbers who have their own communication system when they’re climbing, and they plan to use that system in climbing the highest peaks on each continent.

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An Algorithm Is Opening A Window Into The Many Moods Of Pigs (Cool Weird Awesome 730)

Researchers in Europe have built an algorithm that can decode the sounds of pigs to figure out what they’re feeling, whether it's happy, concerned, curious, anxious or just sort of hanging out.

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Some Fish Pause For Effect When They Communicate (Cool Weird Awesome 548)

Sometimes it’s not just what you’re communicating, it’s how you communicate it. Pausing for effect can help get your point across. Humans know this, but according to researchers, so do some kinds of fish. Plus: a sculpture made only of "air and spirit" sells for 15,000 Euros. That's definitely not nothing.

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What It Sounds Like When Bats Bicker (Cool Weird Awesome 144)

Egyptian fruit bats are known to make a lot of noise while they’re roosting. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have determined that a lot of that noise is bats getting annoyed at other bats.

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