24 04, 2023

Libraries In Portugal Are Preserving Old Books With Help From Bats (Cool Weird Awesome 994)

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It’s National Library Week, so let’s pay a visit to a couple very unusual libraries in Portugal where some of those who help protect the books are bats.

29 06, 2022

Bats Can Remember Our Ringtones (Cool Weird Awesome 799)

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A study from Ohio State University finds bats can remember a ringtone if they associate the sound with food - for years, in some cases.

18 04, 2022

Bats Who Randomly End Up Living Together Sometimes Become Friends (Cool Weird Awesome 757)

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If you have any friends that you first met as a roommate or dorm neighbor at college, this show is for you. Research from Ohio State University finds bats can become close when they’re made to live together too.

10 09, 2021

Babies Babble, And So Do Baby Bats (Cool Weird Awesome 610)

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If you’ve ever been around a baby you probably heard some cooing, gurgling and babbling, as the babies try to make the sounds adults make. Some new research finds if you spend time with baby bats, you might hear them doing essentially the same thing. Plus: the YouTube channel Steadycraftin finds a pretty cool way to reuse some of those old orange plastic prescription bottles. 

6 11, 2020

Bats Can Predict Where Their Prey Is Headed (Cool Weird Awesome 414)

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Bats use their own internal radar - echolocation - to figure out where insects are so they can swoop in and catch their meal. But a study out of Johns Hopkins University shows that how bats track their prey is more complicated than we thought. Plus: today in 2008, music fans named a certain pop and internet legend the Best Act Ever.

4 03, 2020

The Moths That Absorb Sound To Hide From Bats (Cool Weird Awesome 251)

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Some moths are built to essentially cancel sound - and it's a pretty effective defense mechanism against bats and echolocation. Plus: a heart-shaped work of art made by bees!

8 10, 2019

What It Sounds Like When Bats Bicker (Cool Weird Awesome 144)

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Egyptian fruit bats are known to make a lot of noise while they’re roosting. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have determined that a lot of that noise is bats getting annoyed at other bats. Plus: scientists studying endangered bats in Cuba tag them in a very fancy way, with little bat-manicures!

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