9 08, 2023

The Fly-Swatting Champion Of Bisbee, Arizona (Cool Weird Awesome 1066)

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This month in 1912, the community of Bisbee, Arizona decided to gamify its anti-bug response by offering rewards for the most avid fly-swatters. 

1 09, 2021

Fruit Flies Make Up Customized Songs To Impress Potential Mates (Cool Weird Awesome 603)

By |2021-09-01T07:17:20-04:00September 1, 2021|Categories: Cool Weird Awesome, Podcasts|Tags: , , , , |

Research from 2018 at Princeton University found that male fruit flies use their wings to improvise musical sounds to win the attention of females. I just wish they didn't try to do all of it in my house. Plus: a teen in the UK makes friends with a bee! 

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