Medieval Monks Were Volcano Trackers Without Even Knowing It (Cool Weird Awesome 999)

In the 12th and 13th Centuries, monks were tracking the looks of the moon, including lunar eclipses. Modern-day researchers took another look to see if some of those eclipses were actually volcanic eruptions.

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If You’re Really Lucky, You Might See The Winter Solstice Inside Newgrange In Ireland (Cool Weird Awesome 909)

There are quite a few sites from the ancient world that mark the solstice in pretty special ways. Stonehenge is probably the most famous one, but there’s another site that offers an amazing solstice experience, if you’re fortunate enough to see it: Newgrange in Ireland.

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Harrison Dyar, Who Made Digging Tunnels In Washington, DC His Hobby (Cool Weird Awesome 845)

In September 1924, a truck accidentally discovered a series of tunnels underneath Washington DC. There were lots of rumors, but it turned out a local guy had just dug them himself, for "exercise." Here's his story.

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