Isaac Singer Invented The Modern Sewing Machine, But What He Really Wanted To Do Was Act (Cool Weird Awesome 1118)

Today in 1811, the birthday of Isaac Singer. He’s best known as the inventor of the modern sewing machine, but had it been up to him, Singer would have been known for stage acting.

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With Solar-Reflective Paint, School Playgrounds Are Getting Cooler (Cool Weird Awesome 850)

Hot days make for stuffy classrooms, and that can make it hard to learn, but going outside to scorching hot asphalt playgrounds isn’t much better. A school near Atlanta is demonstrating one partial solution, and it’s as simple as getting a fresh coat of paint.

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Room 8, The Cat Named For A Classroom In L.A. (Cool Weird Awesome 840)

It's back to school season, and while some classrooms will have their own pets this year, none will be quite like Room 8, a stray cat turned classroom cat turned legend.

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U.S. Grant Once Got Arrested For Speeding While He Was President (Cool Weird Awesome 523)

It's the birthday of Ulysses S. Grant, hero of the Civil War and the only sitting president to have been arrested. Here's the story of how Grant was out speeding through Washington DC and ended up in trouble with the law.

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I Wish They All Could Be California Plates (Cool Weird Awesome 9)

California residents have been putting the Golden State's license plate rules to the test in some odd ways lately.

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