15 02, 2023

Gaming Prosthetics Are Making Minecraft More Inclusive (Cool Weird Awesome 950)

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Engineering students at Johns Hopkins University have been building adaptive controllers to make the Minecraft universe more accessible.

2 11, 2021

John Titor, A “Time Traveler” Who Traveled To The Early Days Of The Internet (Cool Weird Awesome 647)

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Today in 2000 that a post appeared on an online forum for the Time Travel Institute from someone who claimed he was a time traveler from the year 2036. Here's the story of John Titor, whoever he actually was. Plus: Build the Earth is an effort to recreate every single spot on our planet, but in the Minecraft universe. 

16 07, 2020

The County Fair That’s Moving To Minecraft This Year (Cool Weird Awesome 343)

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While county and state fairs are canceled for 2020, the 4-H group In Morris County, New Jersey, has found a way to bring the fair experience online, as a virtual fair inside the game Minecraft. Plus: Iceland wants you to send them the sounds of you screaming about this frustrating year so they can play those screams on loudspeakers.

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