5 11, 2020

Earth Makes A Seismic Pulse Every 26 Seconds (Cool Weird Awesome 413)

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Earth makes lots of seismic noise, but there's one that's mysterious - a slight pulse every 26 seconds called a microseism off the coast of West Africa. What causes it? We don't know! Plus: NASA has completed its transmitter upgrades and now it can talk with Voyager 2 again!

9 03, 2020

How Do We Talk To Voyager 1 and 2 When They’re So Far Away? (Cool Weird Awesome 254)

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Earlier this year NASA got Voyager 2 to restart systems it had shut down through the ultimate in working remotely: sending directions beyond the reach of the sun! The way we send those commands to Voyagers 1 and 2 is pretty basic, but with twists to make up for the extremely long distance. Plus: ISS astronauts have been growing space veggies, and they're pretty good for us.

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