Colorado’s State Capitol Has Pretty Much All The World’s Rose Onyx (Cool Weird Awesome 890)

Today in 1858, the founding of the city of Denver, Colorado. The state capitol building in Denver features a kind of stone known as Colorado Rose Onyx, and so far it's the only one.

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How Auctioneers Keep Up Their Patter And Get Bidders To Bid (Cool Weird Awesome 883)

It's National Tongue Twister Day, and among those who practice tongue twisters as part of their training are auctioneers.

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The Talking Stamps Of Bhutan (Cool Weird Awesome 862)

October is National Stamp Collecting Month, and there are perhaps no more collectible stamps than the ones out of the small Asian country of Bhutan - like the "talking stamps" that were also vinyl records.

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The Deepest Hole People Ever Made (Cool Weird Awesome 542)

In northwestern Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, there's a metal cap covering a hole that scientists dug 7.5 miles down. Here's the story of the Kola Superdeep Borehole project. Plus, a classic rock band finds out what it's like to be in the financial hole, on a resource-intensive US tour. 

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Earth Makes A Seismic Pulse Every 26 Seconds (Cool Weird Awesome 413)

Earth makes lots of seismic noise, but there's one that's mysterious - a slight pulse every 26 seconds called a microseism off the coast of West Africa. What causes it? We don't know! Plus: NASA has completed its transmitter upgrades and now it can talk with Voyager 2 again!

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Dude, Where’s My Billion Years Of Geology (Cool Weird Awesome 404)

Scientists have been trying for years to figure out why there's a gap in Earth's geologic record that's about a billion years long, known as the Great Uncomformity. Plus: today in 2001 an artist painted a Wyoming house inside and out with government surplus cheese. 

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“Fordite” Is The Gem Made From Paint At Auto Factories (Cool Weird Awesome 393)

Back in the days when auto workers spray painted new vehicles, excess paint would harden and accumulate into a substance that looked like colorful gemstones. Jewelers have been making works of art out of "fordite" ever since. Plus: ever wanted to make a bread bowl that looks like your own face? Now you can! 

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Why Is It So Hard To Tell A Real Rembrandt Painting From A Copy? (Cool Weird Awesome 372)

Decades ago researchers announced a Rembrandt painting was not actually by Rembrandt at all. But on Sunday, researchers said they'd looked again and the painting probably was an actual Rembrandt. There are lots of challenges to verifying whether a Rembrandt is really his work or just a simulation.

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