America has robots that throw people out of bars. Britain has surveillance-bots roaming the countryside. Japan has robots that eat people. And in France, there’s a robot on a sugar high looking to break into soda machines to refuel.

the robot has a levitating arm that can grab a can of soda and drop it down the vending machine for free. It’s controlled by a gamepad. But seriously, watch this guy in action. It’s insane. The action starts at around the 1:20 mark of the video. When you see it work, you’ll wonder why people need to spend a dollar on that carbonated sugar water again.

Well, one reason might be that building a robot that can sneak into a vending machine and steal soda is probably more expensive than just buying a can of soda. Plus, it’s a robot – ask it to share the soda and it might. Or it might turn evil and filet you. But, you know, go ahead and rely on “technology” if you want.