In The 90s, Coca Cola Wanted Us To Drink OK Soda (Cool Weird Awesome 1238)

For National Have A Coke Day, a look at the time a few decades ago when Coke encouraged people not to drink something great, but to choose OK Soda. 

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A Guy In Melbourne Walks Around With A Giant Carrot Just For Fun (Cool Weird Awesome 1214)

It's International Carrot Day. If you want to see a really unique carrot, try Melbourne, Australia, where a guy named Nathan walks around town with a very large papier mache carrot. 

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Why You Can’t Use Pepsi Points To Get A Fighter Jet (Cool Weird Awesome 352)

A guy tried to use a huge number of points in a Pepsi reward program to buy a fighter jet, which the soda maker had jokingly offered in one of its ads. It didn't work, but still, an A for effort.

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