Two Kings Spent Millions To Throw Themselves A Party For Over Two Weeks (Cool Weird Awesome 1254)

Today in 1520 the beginning of what may have been the biggest, most expensive party of all time, involving two kings, 18 days and $19 million. 

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When France And Spain Had A “War Of The Stop Signs” (Cool Weird Awesome 1243)

It wasn't an actual war, but in the 1980s France and Spain were in a pretty serious dispute over stop signs placed on a road between a little Spanish enclave in southwestern France and the rest of Spain.

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La Bougie du sapeur, The Newspaper That Only Comes Out On February 29 (Cool Weird Awesome 1193)

There's a newspaper in France that’s only published every four years: the leap day paper known as La Bougie du sapeur.

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When Two Frenchmen Apparently Fought A Duel In Hot Air Balloons (Cruel Weird Awful 4)

It's been called “the most ridiculous duel in history": two guys in France apparently decided to duel while they were flying hot air balloons.

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French President Paul Deschanel Once Fell Out Of A Moving Train (Cool Weird Awesome 1010)

Sometime on this night in 1920 the president of France fell out of a moving train. And the story got weirder from there. 

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How A Farmer In Belgium Accidentally Changed The Country’s Borders (Cool Weird Awesome 1002)

Today in 2021, the BBC reported on a very unusual happening: a farmer in Belgium accidentally redrew the country’s border with France.

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There’s A House In The Middle Of France’s Loire River (Cool Weird Awesome 851)

It's known as the House in the Loire, and it's a popular sight for those on Loire River boat tours. But it's not a house on a formerly dry site that later flooded; nor does anyone live there.

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A Town In France Could Have Bioluminescent Street Lights (Cool Weird Awesome 765)

In Rambouillet, France, a startup is developing street lights that are bioluminescent - they’re powered by bacteria that glow. Plus: around this time in 1965, a woman sees a car selling for "1,395 bananas" and shows up at the dealership with actual fruit. 

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Every Six Months This Island Switches Countries (Cool Weird Awesome 349)

Change is in the air in the border region between Spain and France. A small island there called Pheasant Island is about to change countries, as it does twice a year.

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