La Bougie du sapeur, The Newspaper That Only Comes Out On February 29 (Cool Weird Awesome 1193)

There's a newspaper in France that’s only published every four years: the leap day paper known as La Bougie du sapeur.

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When Two Frenchmen Apparently Fought A Duel In Hot Air Balloons (Cruel Weird Awful 4)

It's been called “the most ridiculous duel in history": two guys in France apparently decided to duel while they were flying hot air balloons.

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French President Paul Deschanel Once Fell Out Of A Moving Train (Cool Weird Awesome 1010)

Sometime on this night in 1920 the president of France fell out of a moving train. And the story got weirder from there. 

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How A Farmer In Belgium Accidentally Changed The Country’s Borders (Cool Weird Awesome 1002)

Today in 2021, the BBC reported on a very unusual happening: a farmer in Belgium accidentally redrew the country’s border with France.

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There’s A House In The Middle Of France’s Loire River (Cool Weird Awesome 851)

It's known as the House in the Loire, and it's a popular sight for those on Loire River boat tours. But it's not a house on a formerly dry site that later flooded; nor does anyone live there.

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A Town In France Could Have Bioluminescent Street Lights (Cool Weird Awesome 765)

In Rambouillet, France, a startup is developing street lights that are bioluminescent - they’re powered by bacteria that glow. Plus: around this time in 1965, a woman sees a car selling for "1,395 bananas" and shows up at the dealership with actual fruit. 

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Every Six Months This Island Switches Countries (Cool Weird Awesome 349)

Change is in the air in the border region between Spain and France. A small island there called Pheasant Island is about to change countries, as it does twice a year. Plus: some enterprising race fans in Poland use construction cranes to help them get a good view of their favorite drivers even while physical distancing.

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