There Was More Than One “Real” Rosie the Riveter (Cool Weird Awesome 1247)

Today in 1943, Norman Rockwell's painting "Rosie the Riveter" was on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. But that's not the image that we think of today as Rosie, and just as there were multiple depictions of the character, there were multiple real-life inspirations for those depictions.

The Play Where All The Actors Were Dogs (Cool Weird Awesome 847)

Today in 1986, an audience in Amsterdam saw a play called “Going To The Dogs.” And it lived up to the name: all of the actors were German Shepherds.

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The College With Its Own Doll Collection (Cool Weird Awesome 294)

Some traditions are hard to replicate online, like Meredith College's annual presentation of a class doll at the end of the year.

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