26 04, 2023

There Were Storm Chasers Even In The 19th Century (Cool Weird Awesome 996)

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Today in 1884, A.A. Adams of Kansas took what is the earliest-known photo of a tornado. Early storm photos are pretty remarkable, for a lot of reasons.

15 06, 2021

Stephen Bishop Explored Mammoth Cave And Shared It With The World (Cool Weird Awesome 557)

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The man now known as “First Guide & Explorer of Mammoth Cave," had been enslaved in the 19th century and sent to explore what was becoming a hot tourist site. He set the bar for every guide who came after him. Plus: today in 1976, a baseball game at the Houston Astrodome was called off... due to weather?!?

29 11, 2019

How Thanksgiving Leftovers Led To TV Dinners (Cool Weird Awesome 182)

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In 1953 Swanson had several hundred tons of leftover Thanksgiving turkey - so they created the TV Dinner and changed how we eat. Plus: the 40th annual Holiday Cave Sing is this weekend at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

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