One floor down…

The second floor is essentially done. And that means last night was moving night! We turned the heat on, and the heat actually stayed inside the room - we’ve never had that happen here before! It

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Enter Tile(man)

Sometime while we were painting Sonya made a suggestion. “What if we made the entryway a nice tile pattern?” It sounded like a good idea to me. Before the renovation started the entryway was an odd

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New door

New door on Flickr. Our new front door is here. It’s unpainted and uninstalled, but it’s here. This will actually be the last thing the contractors install - they said today they’d like to

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Wide planks

Our upstairs floor is finished! This is the staircase landing. Our old timey flooring look includes saw marks and antique-looking nails. It’s not actually old timey, but an incredible simulation. This is the second floor “nook,”

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Red is the color of…

We have a lot to update you on, but we’ll start with this. Despite the snowstorms, our painter has been hard at work. All the exterior trim is done, and about half of the grey siding

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