20 02, 2022

Dessert First

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Earlier this month was my middle kid’s seventh birthday, which is odd because I’m 100 percent certain he’s still a tiny little baby and how can a tiny little baby [...]

4 12, 2020

Queen Elizabeth I Had Her Guests Eat Gingerbread Men That Looked Like Themselves (Cool Weird Awesome 434)

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For National Cookie Day, we take a closer look at the amazing and frequently disturbing history of gingerbread, including how one of the most famous royals of all time helped bring gingerbread people into the world. Plus: a lesson in patience from a musical great who made herself into a cookie-baking expert.

30 01, 2020

If You’re Making Cookies In Space, Be Patient (Cool Weird Awesome 227)

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Of all the great breakthroughs we’ve made in outer space, there are none sweeter than this: last month, astronauts on the International Space Station baked chocolate chip cookies. But baking cookies in space is a little different than baking them on Earth. Plus: a new device called the Exolung can keep air flowing for virtually as long as a diver likes.

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