There’s a cool new website from developer/artist/creator Lynn Fisher.

It’s called Nestflix, and when you drop by the site you’ll see a menu that looks a lot like the one on the actual Netflix streaming service.

The difference is that the shows and movies on NestFlix are shows and movies that take place inside real shows and movies.


Take the 80s movie The Running Man, which is about a guy who’s forced to be a contestant on a dystopian game show called The Running Man.

On the NestFlix menu you’ll see screenshots and a description not of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but of the dystopian game show that takes place in that movie.

And in true Netflix fashion, it’s listed under the category “Game shows with a bit of danger!”

The only thing you can’t do is watch these shows and movies nested inside real ones, of course.

But it sure is interesting to browse through.


Speaking of interesting browsing, pointed me toward The Potato Photographer of the Year contest.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, and the images are unforgettable.

There are still life style shots, candids of people hauling sacks of potatoes, and an old-timey looking portrait of a young lady wearing a necklace made of little potatoes.

In other words, no small fries in these entries.

Nestflix – movies and TV shows that exist solely inside real movies and TV shows (Boing Boing)

The Potato Photographer of the Year 2021 (

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