Libraries In Portugal Are Preserving Old Books With Help From Bats (Cool Weird Awesome 994)

It’s National Library Week, so let’s pay a visit to a couple very unusual libraries in Portugal where some of those who help protect the books are bats.

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The Pack Horse Librarians Brought Books To Readers In Remote Places (Cool Weird Awesome 748)

National Library Week is here, so it’s a good time to tell the story of librarians who traveled through eastern Kentucky during the Great Depression on horses and mules carrying books and magazines in saddlebags.

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Somebody Wanted To Put The Library Of Congress In The Capitol Dome (Cool Weird Awesome 575)

Washington DC is home to monuments, memorials and the largest library in the world. Here's some of the history of the Library of Congress. Plus: a real estate listing for waterfront land in Ontario had a price of $99,000, though with one big consideration.

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Video Games Are Now Medically Necessary (Cool Weird Awesome 322)

Video games are now as artistically and technically challenging as any other art form. But now they've really leveled up: the FDA has just approved a video game-based treatment for ADHD. Plus: a school librarian in western Virginia just found a clever way to get books to her students while schools and libraries are closed.

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A Big-Time Librarian Kept “Goodnight Moon” Off The Shelves For 25 Years (Cool Weird Awesome 215)

Despite being one of the most iconic children’s books of its time, the New York Public Library didn’t have a copy of “Goodnight Moon” for decades, because an influential librarian didn’t like it.

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