Shizo Kanakuri Finished A Marathon He’d Started 54 Years Earlier (Cool Weird Awesome 1207)

Today in 1967, a Japanese athlete Shizo Kanakuri, finished a Olympic marathon that he’d started in 1912. Better late than never!

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Cliff Young Won An Ultramarathon By Running Like An “Old Turtle” (Cool Weird Awesome 997)

Forty years ago today, the first ever Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon began. Five days later, the first guy to cross the finish line was a 61 year old farmer with arthritis in both legs. Here's how self-described "old turtle" Cliff Young pulled off such an unexpected win.

The 1904 Men’s Marathon Was The Weirdest Olympic Race Ever (Cool Weird Awesome 581)

The men's marathon at the 1904 Olympics could have won a gold medal for biggest trainwreck in Summer Games history. Here's how dirt, dehydration, dogs and more helped make this as bizarre a run as they get. But then the 1904 Games were strange for several other reasons as well. We'll explain why. 

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Jessica Anderson, A Record-Setting Marathon-Running Nurse (Cool Weird Awesome 524)

Today in 2019 a runner in the London Marathon set a world record, though it wasn’t recognized as such right away. Here's the story of Jessica Anderson, who was looking to break the world record for fastest marathon run in a nurse’s uniform. Plus: NoseID lets people scan their dogs' one-of-a-kind nose prints into their system, and if the dogs get away, someone else can scan their noses to figure out who they are and reunite them with their people.

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She Ran A Marathon While Pushing A Triple Stroller Full Of Kids (Cool Weird Awesome 89)

Lots of parents multitask but Cynthia Arnold is completely off the charts, having just run the Missoula Marathon while pushing a triple stroller containing her three kids.

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