27 04, 2023

Cliff Young Won An Ultramarathon By Running Like An “Old Turtle” (Cool Weird Awesome 997)

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Forty years ago today, the first ever Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon began. Five days later, the first guy to cross the finish line was a 61 year old farmer with arthritis in both legs. Here's how self-described "old turtle" Cliff Young pulled off such an unexpected win.

28 03, 2022

A Sprained Ankle Helped Bring Pippi Longstocking To The World (Cool Weird Awesome 742)

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Today in 1944, Astrid Lindgren of Stockholm, Sweden fell on ice and sprained her ankle. While stuck in bed, she decided to write down some stories she'd been telling her daughter, stories that would lead to one of the most popular children's book series of all time.

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