Indiana Bell Rotated And Moved Its Office Building – And Kept Working There During The Move (Cool Weird Awesome 634)

This week in 1930, a phone utility in Indianapolis started moving its headquarters and rotating the building 90 degrees, all while keeping service going for customers and workers in the building. Plus: a state with no sharks brags that it has the fewest shark attacks of any state. 

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Now There Are Glow-In-The-Dark-Sharks (Cool Weird Awesome 493)

Scientists have spotted three species of sharks near New Zealand that give off a faint blue light while in darkness. Yes, our world is home to glowing sharks. Plus: artist Calvin Nicholls is making extremely detailed sculptures of animals out of paper.

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The Greenland Shark Can Live For Hundreds Of Years, So Don’t Make It Mad (Cool Weird Awesome 422)

Scientists have determined that the Greenland shark lives longer than any known invertebrate, up to 400 years. How? We don't know, but it sure does seem chill about it. Plus: UK-based artist Sue Austin developed an underwater wheelchair, making the wide, wide sea a lot more accessible.

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Kiss Is Playing A Concert For Sharks, One Of The Few Things They Haven’t Already Done (Cool Weird Awesome 142)

For decades fans of the band KISS have called themselves the KISS Army. But now that they're set to play a concert off the coast of Australia for human and sharks fans, maybe there’s also a KISS Navy? Plus: in Oklahoma, the annual Honobia Bigfoot Festival is getting underway.

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Take Off Your Password and Jacket (Cool Weird Awesome 25)

Passwords are totally out of control and no one’s happy about it. On the plus side, the security studies about how bad we are at passwords are pretty funny to read

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