The “Electronic Tongue” That Can Tell When Wine Starts To Spoil (Cool Weird Awesome 1228)

Washington State University researchers have come up with another e-tongue, and this one can quickly sense the compounds that show up when wine is spoiling.

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During Prohibition, Grape Growers Sold “Wine Bricks” To Thirsty Customers (Cool Weird Awesome 1172)

This week in 1920, a federal law enforcing the Constitution's Prohibition Amendment took effect. But there were loopholes, and one of the most clever way to use those loopholes was through something known as the "grape brick" or "wine brick."

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The Return of the Mystery Beer Fridge in Nebraska! (Cool Weird Awesome 201)

Remember the beer fridge from our first episode, that two men found after a long weekend of cleaning up flood damage? The Lincoln Journal-Star has checked back in with the owner and the finders to get the latest chapter in the story.

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