Maybe Our Wildest Dreams Are Wild For A Reason (Cool Weird Awesome 539)

A neuroscience researcher at Tufts University has an idea that might help explain dreams, and it’s based on something that happens with artificial intelligence.

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Time To Upgrade The International Space Station’s Bathroom (Cool Weird Awesome 321)

Sometimes you go into space to land on the moon, and other times it’s for maintenance purposes. NASA is planning a mission to replace the toilet on the International Space Station. Plus: this is Waste and Recycling Workers Week, are you paying tribute to those who collect all the stuff we toss out?

To Save Water, Sometimes LESS Is More (Cool Weird Awesome 179)

Researchers at Penn State University have created liquid-entrenched smooth surface, or LESS. Why? To coat our toilets. Why? So stuff can't stick to them. Why? To save water, which we use by the tens of billions of gallons each day just to re-flush that stuck stuff. Why? Because life is unfair sometimes. Plus: Twitter minus words, videos, pictures and links is a pretty amazing thing, judging by the project called Emoji Storm!

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Come On Feel The Airplane Bathroom Noise (Cool Weird Awesome 13)

Researchers out of Brigham Young University have been working to quiet one of the most ungodly noises in the world - airplane bathrooms.

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