When Phineas Gage’s Skull Met An Iron Bar, Things Got Weird (Cool Weird Awesome 1086)

Today in 1848, a workplace accident caused an iron bar to go through the skull and brain of railroad worker Phineas Gage. Somehow, he lived, and ended up changing science forever.

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Pat Martino Became A Jazz Guitar Great – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 835)

Today in 1944, the birthday of Pat Martino, a jazz guitar great who once had to relearn the instrument that had won him so much acclaim.

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Need A Little Pain Relief? Nostalgia Can Help (Cool Weird Awesome 740)

According to a new study, remembering old times can actually be good for your health - in particular, it may help regulate our response to pain.

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Maybe Our Wildest Dreams Are Wild For A Reason (Cool Weird Awesome 539)

A neuroscience researcher at Tufts University has an idea that might help explain dreams, and it’s based on something that happens with artificial intelligence.

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