25 08, 2022

Pat Martino Became A Jazz Guitar Great – Twice (Cool Weird Awesome 835)

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Today in 1944, the birthday of Pat Martino, a jazz guitar great who once had to relearn the instrument that had won him so much acclaim.

24 01, 2022

Keith Jarrett Improvised A Classic Live Jazz Album On A Not-Quite-Right Piano (Cool Weird Awesome 701)

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Today in 1975, one of the best selling jazz albums of all time was recorded - a live concert in Cologne, Germany by pianist Keith Jarrett. And it almost didn't happen at all.

4 08, 2021

Germany Schaefer, The Baseball Player Who Stole First Base (Cool Weird Awesome 588)

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Today in 1911, a very strange thing happened in a baseball game: a guy on second base ran backwards and stole first base, the base he'd just been on. Here's his very unusual story. Plus: today in 1901 music legend Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, but if you want to take part in events to commemorate his birthday, you’re a month late.

8 12, 2020

Classic Cars Can Also Be Green Cars, With A Little Work Under The Hood (Cool Weird Awesome 436)

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A California company is building an all-electric platform designed specifically to keep classic and vintage cars with gas engines on the road, with much smaller carbon footprints. Plus: ever heard a jazz solo on the bagpipes? No? You might be missing out. 

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