17 10, 2022

The Inventor Of Fettuccine Alfredo Was – No Surprise – A Guy Named Alfredo (Cool Weird Awesome 867)

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It's National Pasta Day, and here’s a pasta fact that you might have guessed: Fettucine Alfredo comes from an actual guy named Alfredo.

9 06, 2021

Shape-Shifting Pasta Could Be The Next Big Sustainable Thing (Cool Weird Awesome 553)

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We use a lot of energy to ship goods, but it's not always very efficient. With pasta, for example, most of what we're shipping is the air in the box. So a team at Carnegie Mellon University found a way to make flat-packed pasta that changes shape as it cooks. Plus: the New York Times briefly published a story that claimed "Fields of Watermelon Found on Mars, Police Say." It was almost certainly a test page, but still, maybe the Mars rover should do a quick check. 

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