Jessica Cox, The First Person Born Without Arms To Become A Licensed Pilot (Cool Weird Awesome 1179)

Today in 1983, the birthday of Jessica Cox, the first person born without arms to become a licensed pilot. And that’s just one of her many accomplishments.

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In The 19th Century, Steamboat Racing Was An Extreme Sport (Cool Weird Awesome 1057)

Today in 1811,  the first known steamboat race takes place on the Hudson River. Yes, a couple centuries ago, racing steamboats was a thing. 

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Steve Jobs, The First Person To Order A Pizza Online (Cool Weird Awesome 957)

Today in 1955 Steve Jobs was born. His biggest contributions to the tech world are well known, but one you might not have heard of? Steve Jobs was also the first person to order a pizza on the internet.

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The Exploding Hammer Festival Of San Juan de la Vega (Cool Weird Awesome 722)

Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, etc is typically the day a community in central Mexico has a somewhat notorious festival in which people put homemade explosives on top of sledge hammers and slam the hammers into stuff to make big explosions.

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Every Six Months This Island Switches Countries (Cool Weird Awesome 349)

Change is in the air in the border region between Spain and France. A small island there called Pheasant Island is about to change countries, as it does twice a year. Plus: some enterprising race fans in Poland use construction cranes to help them get a good view of their favorite drivers even while physical distancing.

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Dear Ralph Baer, Thanks, Signed, All The Video Gamers (Cool Weird Awesome 36)

Ralph Baer invented home video games from his workshop in Manchester, New Hampshire - and now the city is honoring this gaming pioneer with a "Baer Square," complete with a statue, in a city park.

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