To Get Out Of A Record Contract, Van Morrison Made A Malicious Compliance Album (Cool Weird Awesome 1077)

Today in 1945, the birthday of singer/songwriter Van Morrison. His biggest fans and his loudest critics can agree that the guy does not like being told what to do, and he proved it by recording one of the strangest albums in the history of music. 

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Among Other “Pranks,” Black Sabbath Once Set Their Drummer On Fire (Cruel Weird Awful 8)

Rock bands are known for excess. Just ask Bill Ward, who, while drumming for Black Sabbath, got set on fire, poisoned (repeatedly) and knocked off the side of a hill. Because pranks.

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A Newspaper Called The Recycler Helped Bring Together Some Of The Biggest Rock Bands Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 1039)

This month in 1973, a newspaper in California known as The Recycler started publishing. It was mostly a list of classified ads, but those ads have had a pretty big impact on music. 

When ALS Stopped Jason Becker’s Guitar Playing, He Became An Accomplished Composer (Cool Weird Awesome 899)

Today in 2018, the release of the album “Triumphant Hearts” by guitarist Jason Becker. Not many people in music know as much about triumph over adversity as Jason Becker, who found new ways to create and share music decades after being diagnosed with ALS.

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A 10 Month Old Kitten Once Climbed The Matterhorn… Somehow (Cool Weird Awesome 844)

Today in 1950, the Coshocton, Ohio Tribune carried a news story with one heck of a headline: “Kitten Scales Matterhorn: Veteran Mountain Climbers Are Astonished”! Here's how the cat, later nicknamed Matt, got there.

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Two Tennis Greats Played A Match On A Half-Grass, Half-Clay Court (Cool Weird Awesome 762)

Today in 2007, the king of grass court tennis, Roger Federer, played an exhibition match against his rival, clay court great Rafael Nadal. Not their only matchup, but for this one, the court was half grass and half clay, making it a so-called "battle of the surfaces."

One Of Aerosmith’s Biggest Hits Happened Partly Because Of A Mel Brooks Movie (Cool Weird Awesome 751)

Today in 1975, Aerosmith released the landmark album “Toys In The Attic.” One of the biggest hits from that album got its name from an unusual source - the Mel Brooks movie "Young Frankenstein." Plus: this weekend in New Mexico it's the Las Cruces Space Festival. 

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How The Beatles Stitched Two Takes Of “Strawberry Fields Forever” Into A Rock Classic (Cool Weird Awesome 677)

Today in 1966, the Beatles were trying to make one great take of their new song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and with help from producer George Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick, they ended up making that one great take out of two half takes.

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A Liner Note Detective Wants The World To Know Something About The “London Calling” Cover Photo

The famous cover of The Clash's landmark album "London Calling" was taken on September 21, 1979, according to the liner notes. Except that Dave Marin, a concertgoer who was there when the photo was taken, has a concert stub that says September 20th. And he's spent decades trying to get the world to notice that the album credits are a day off. Plus: today in 1940, a bomb explodes in London, and the locals decide to turn the crater it left behind into something special. 

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