The Pillsbury Doughboy Has A Name And A Family (Cool Weird Awesome 1245)

Ahead of World Baking Day, we look at the history of a baking and TV legend, the Pillsbury Doughboy. But did you know about his full name and his doughy relatives?

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The Outtakes From Orson Welles’ Wine Commercial Might Be His Most Legendary Work (Cool Weird Awesome 1236)

Today was the birthday in 1915 of Orson Welles, a one of a kind creative force. And yet somehow one of his most viewed works is also a set of apparently drunken outtakes from a wine commercial in the 80s!

Cap’n Crunch Once Got Sued Because There Weren’t Actual Berries In Crunch Berries Cereal (Cool Weird Awesome 1198)

For National Cereal Day, the stories of people who have taken cereal makers to court over some pretty eye-opening claims. 

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How Mr. Clean Became The World’s Top Bald Sailor Genie Cleaning Icon (Cool Weird Awesome 1169)

Today in 1912, the birthday of actor House Peters Jr., the first live action Mr. Clean on TV commercials. We'll explain how the character got his name, his look and his worldwide reputation.

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High Tech Snow Chains Could Pop Out When Your Car Needs Them And Retract When It Doesn’t (Cool Weird Awesome 1148)

For drivers in very snowy places, winter is time to put snow chains on car tires. It’s neither easy nor fun - but a new concept from two automakers could change that, by embedding snow chain-like paddles right into the tires.

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Tom Waits Went To Court Over An Ad For Doritos (Cool Weird Awesome 1142)

Today in 1949, the birthday of musician Tom Waits. His path has been unique and singular, accept no imitations… no really. A Tom Waits imitation once led the singer to sue a giant snack company.

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An Ad In The 70s Had Awful Advice For Bowlers: “Beat Your Wife Tonight” (Cruel Weird Awful 11)

In the 1970s some people in the bowling industry thought they’d come up with a clever way to get more people to the lanes, but they chose poorly when it came to the words.

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The First Skywriting Was, No Surprise, For Advertising (Cool Weird Awesome 668)

On or around this day in 1922, a pilot wrote the first skywriting message in the United States. It was a way to demonstrate an advertising technique that would be a big part of business for the next few decades.

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Leonard Cohen, Of All People, Once Played A Villain On “Miami Vice” (Cool Weird Awesome 618)

Today in 1934, Leonard Cohen was born. His music and poetry have influenced other songwriters and poets for decades, but today we’re talking about another part of his career, and maybe the weirdest part: the time he guest starred on the 80s action series “Miami Vice.” Plus: today in 1997, Dunkin gave out free donuts to mark the last hurrah for their longtime TV pitchman, Fred the Baker. 

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Buy A Box Of Cereal, Get A Square Inch Of Land In The Yukon (Cool Weird Awesome 468)

It was on this day in 1955 that began a promotional campaign for the ages: where you could buy a box of cereal and find a deed to some land inside each specially marked box.

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