Designers Put Airbags In Clothes To Protect People From Falls (Cool Weird Awesome 1171)

Cars have had airbags for years; there are even inflatable airbag pants for motorcyclists. Now there are inflatable airbag clothing that can protect people who fall.

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“Smart Work Zones” Can Keep Workers Safe On Roads And Highways (Cool Weird Awesome 781)

When there's road work to be done, crews put up cones, barrels and fences to keep workers safe. Now a "smart work" zone system being tested in Virginia could make those spaces even safer.

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Colorful Crosswalks May Be Safer Crosswalks (Cool Weird Awesome 767)

A new study finds colorful painted murals around, or in place of, traditional striped crosswalks may cause drivers to yield more around pedestrians and keep them safe.

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The Dentist Who Put On A Vaudeville Show To Distract Patients (Cool Weird Awesome 212)

Dental history is, shall we say, complicated. Edgar "Painless" Parker would distract his dental patients by putting on a vaudeville show as he worked.

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