For Safer Motorcycling, How About Pants With Airbags? (Cool Weird Awesome 965)

Motorcycles just don’t have many of the same safety advantages as cars and trucks. So a company in Sweden is taking one of those safety features and adding it to a rider’s outfit: introducing airbag pants!

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Bill Veeck, The Wildest Owner Baseball Ever Saw (Cool Weird Awesome 946)

Today was the birthday in 1914 of the wildest owner Major League Baseball ever saw: Bill Veeck. We'll look through some of his unusual life in baseball.

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Cranberry-Based Packaging Is Plastic-Free And Completely Dissolvable (Cool Weird Awesome 924)

A lot of products, even some otherwise green ones, still use a lot of disposable single-use plastic. But there’s a research project that aims to replace that plastic wrapping with a completely biodegradable version made from cranberries.

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High-Tech Clothes Could Also Be A Battery That We Can Power (Cool Weird Awesome 839)

We've known for years that there are ways to turn our movements into energy. A new project out of Singapore wants to turn clothes into high-tech batteries powered by our movement.

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Lionel Richie Once Went Clothes Shopping For Nelson Mandela (Cool Weird Awesome 728)

Today Lionel Richie is receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Not only has he sold millions of records, he’s become a home goods entrepreneur, an art enthusiast - and one time, personal clothes shopper for none other than Nelson Mandela.

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Richard Nixon Once Had The White House Guard Dress In Fancy White Uniforms (Cool Weird Awesome 690)

In early 1970 President Richard Nixon introduced new uniforms for the guards at the White House - European-style suits that Americans thought looked better for movie ushers or marching bands.

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With The Emotional Clothing Collection, You Really Can Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve (Cool Weird Awesome 683)

Polish designer Iga Węglińska has a new way to help us stay in touch with our emotions: she's created clothes that will respond when we get stressed out.

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High Tech Clothes Could Start Your Car Or Pay For Your Groceries (Cool Weird Awesome 662)

Our wireless, hands-free, automatic, smart device era may be about to get even smarter, thanks to high-tech smart fabric that can send out signals to devices or turn itself into a health monitor. Plus: a trash barrel from the US goes on holiday, traveling all the way across the ocean to end up in Ireland. 

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The Plastic Bags Of Today Could Be The Fashionable Fabric Of Tomorrow (Cool Weird Awesome 572)

A multi-country research team has found ways to turn polyethylene, a key ingredient in single-use plastic bags, into lightweight fabric. So those bags that we don't want to throw out but can't always easily recycle? We might end up wearing them. Plus: many of us spend a lot of our waking hours typing, but James Cook turns his typing into art.

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Bioprinting Clothes (And More) Out Of Algae (Cool Weird Awesome 530)

A research team at the University of Rochester and the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has found a way to bioprint a strong, flexible and eco-friendly material that could one day serve as fabric for t-shirts, energy storage for space missions and much more. Plus: there's a world record for longest golf drive into a moving car... you knew that was a record, right?

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