When ALS Stopped Jason Becker’s Guitar Playing, He Became An Accomplished Composer (Cool Weird Awesome 899)

Today in 2018, the release of the album “Triumphant Hearts” by guitarist Jason Becker. Not many people in music know as much about triumph over adversity as Jason Becker, who found new ways to create and share music decades after being diagnosed with ALS.

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Lincoln’s Heart Will Go On: Union Square Park, Springfield

The statue shows Lincoln as he heads to Washington to begin his presidency, though at first glance you might think he's belting out his favorite Celine Dion number,

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I Didn’t Know He Was THAT Tall: Lincoln “Railsplitter” Statue, Springfield, Illinois

And if you look at just his torso, you might think of him as a sort of funky 1970's type - give the man a zodiac-related medallion to wear and he'll get that night fever, he knows how to show it.

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