Leon Theremin’s Musical Instrument Can Be Played Without Being Touched (Cool Weird Awesome 1074)

Today is, thanks to a long-ago calendar change, one of two birthdays in 1896 of Leon Theremin. He invented a very unusual musical instrument that you play without touching it. 

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How To Perform Opera In American Sign Language (Cool Weird Awesome 281)

The University of Virginia's Disabilities Studies Symposium has produced a version of a 1950s opera called “Dialogues of the Carmelites" featuring both traditional opera singers and Deaf actors performing together and living up to the name of their workshop, "Breaking the Sound Barrier." Plus: a cat played a Theremin on the internet, because why not.

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A More Eco-Friendly Way To De-Ice Roads Sounds Really Grape (Cool Weird Awesome 191)

Many communities put down road salt in winter. It can make the roads safer, but too much salt is bad for the environment and for the roads themselves. Scientists at Washington State University may have found a better way to take the ice off the roads: grapes. Plus: meet the creepiest instrument ever, a baby doll head theremin!

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