A Guy In Melbourne Walks Around With A Giant Carrot Just For Fun (Cool Weird Awesome 1214)

It's International Carrot Day. If you want to see a really unique carrot, try Melbourne, Australia, where a guy named Nathan walks around town with a very large papier mache carrot. 

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Dogpiles Are How Baseball Teams Celebrate Big Wins And Sometimes Hurt Themselves (Cool Weird Awesome 1113)

Today in 1982, the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals made baseball history with the first major league team-wide dogpile, in which players who are celebrating a big moment can sometimes inadvertently hurt each other.

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The Pitch Drop Experiment Is A Single Research Project That’s Been Running Since The 1930s (Cool Weird Awesome 1102)

This month in 1930 an experiment to document a very, very slow process began. It holds the world record for longest-running lab experiment: the Pitch Drop Experiment at the University of Queensland.

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Two Australians Once Had A Staring Contest For Over 40 Minutes (Cool Weird Awesome 1097)

Around this time in 2011, an event that was definitely not a “blink and you’ll miss it” affair: a staring contest that took over 40 minutes.

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Hector, The Thunderstorm That Arrives Like Clockwork Over Australia’s Tiwi Islands (Cool Weird Awesome 1096)

Around this time of year, the Tiwi Islands in northern Australia can start counting on pretty much the same thunderstorm showing up at the same time every day. It's so reliable, they even named it.

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Hydrogel Sheets Could Clean Up Spills Quicker Than Ever Before (Cool Weird Awesome 933)

A lot of us turn to paper towels when there’s a mess to be addressed, but they could also be greener. Researchers are developing a reusable kitchen towel made of hydrogel.

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Salvador Dalí Used To Draw Christmas Cards For Hallmark (Cool Weird Awesome 678)

The history of Christmas cards has taken some strange turns over the years, but maybe none stranger than when Surrealist icon Salvador Dalí made Christmas cards for Hallmark.

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The Next Big Thing In Home Insulation? Mushrooms (Cool Weird Awesome 632)

A startup in the UK has found a way to use mushrooms to create a new, greener kind of home insulation. But don't worry, it isn't just growing mushrooms inside the walls of your house. Plus: an Australian company that delivers coffee by drone is reworking its business model because nesting ravens are attacking their aircraft. 

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Elizabeth Prettejohn, The Last Person In Hallsands Village (Cool Weird Awesome 467)

On this day in 1917, a massive storm destroyed most of the small village of Hallsands, in southern England. Nearly everyone in town moved away after that, but one resident, Elizabeth Prettejohn, stayed for the rest of her life, until the mid 1960s.

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Australia’s Biggest Little Spelling Error (Cool Weird Awesome 38)

Australians have been laughing, cursing, sighing and facepalming over a misspelled word on the newest printing of the Australian $50 dollar note.

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