Two Australians Once Had A Staring Contest For Over 40 Minutes (Cool Weird Awesome 1097)

Around this time in 2011, an event that was definitely not a “blink and you’ll miss it” affair: a staring contest that took over 40 minutes.

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These Smart Glasses Can Generate Real-Time Speech Captions For Deaf People (Cool Weird Awesome 1072)

TranscribeGlass is a new set of glasses powered by artificial intelligence that can transcribe speech in real time and create captions for people who need them.

The Toronto Circus Riot Started Because Clowns Fought Firefighters At A Brothel (Cruel Weird Awful 12)

July 13, 1855 is the date of the Toronto Circus Riot, an event which sounds baffling and bizarre from the name alone, but the details are even weirder.

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AI Phone Bots Foil Scammers By Wasting Their Time (Cool Weird Awesome 1051)

Some experts are worried AI could undo human civilization, but some of it is trying to help people. Like a project that uses AI phone bots to keep phone scammers from scamming people.

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Guy Goma Became An Internet Expert By Accident On Live TV (Cool Weird Awesome 1004)

Today in 2006, IT job candidate Guy Goma rose to the occasion when a BBC TV producer mistakenly brought him onto a live show to talk about the internet, even though they were actually supposed to interview a different Guy on the air.

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The Air Force Once Bombed Montana (Cool Weird Awesome 974)

Today in 1944, the U.S. Air Force carried out a bombing raid in Montana. Even stranger, they did so at the request of the governor. We'll explain.

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Clippy, The AI Paper Clip Chatbot That Really Wanted To Help You Write Letters (Cool Weird Awesome 959)

AI chatbots are big again, so let's hang out with the OG AI chatbot: Microsoft Word letter writing helper extraordinare, Clippy the paper clip.

These Smart Glasses Can Describe The World For Blind Wearers (Cool Weird Awesome 772)

A company called Envision has designed a set of glasses that uses artificial intelligence to help blind people with a wide range of activities. They can decode text, detect color and describe outdoor scenes to the wearer, among many other functions.

AI Can Detect Sarcasm Now, Isn’t That Just So Great (Cool Weird Awesome 546)

DARPA’s Information Innovation Office and researchers at the University of Central Florida taught a deep learning algorithm to spot sarcasm by feeding it back articles of The Onion and snarky threads from Twitter and Reddit. I'm so excited. Plus: it's National Road Trip Day, how about a visit to a town with a very road trip friendly name?

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