An Ad In The 70s Had Awful Advice For Bowlers: “Beat Your Wife Tonight” (Cruel Weird Awful 11)

In the 1970s some people in the bowling industry thought they’d come up with a clever way to get more people to the lanes, but they chose poorly when it came to the words.

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After World War I, The Allies Held Their Own Olympic-Style Games (Cool Weird Awesome 325)

This is about the time we were all supposed to be gearing up for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Since that's on hold, let's instead talk about the Inter-Allied Games, which began in Paris on this day in 1919. Plus: if you'd like some fierce sporting competition from this century, try out the American Hedgehog Bowling Association (and don't worry, the hedgehogs aren't bowled down the lanes).

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The 7-10 Split Meets Big Data (Cool Weird Awesome 140)

The 7-10 split is the hardest show in bowling, right? Well, an analysis from 2015 put that to the test - and the results were pretty surprising. Plus: an exhibit at New York's Hall of Science includes more than 100 classic works of art recreated with Legos.

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