ELIZA Was An AI Chatbot Decades Before ChatGPT (Cool Weird Awesome 1183)

For all the talk these days about the potential of generative AI, the systems still have a long way to go. For example, some recent research finds that some human users think ChatGPT comes off as less realistic than a famous chatbot from the 60s known as ELIZA.

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A Turkey Once Interrupted A Green Bay Packers Game (Cool Weird Awesome 1124)

Today in 1988, a strange moment in Green Bay, Wisconsin: a Packers game got interrupted by a turkey named Henrietta. 

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The “Snow Bowl” Proved Playing College Football In A Blizzard Is Hard (Cool Weird Awesome 896)

For some people, watching football is the best part of Thanksgiving weekend. Today in 1950, there was a football game that had to be seen to be believed: the Snow Bowl.

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A College Football Game Ended With A Score Of 222-0 (Cool Weird Awesome 861)

Today in 1916, a college football game that was about as one-sided as it gets: Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland College 0. Here's how this absolute squash of a game played out.

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The Star Wars Holiday Special Brought Extra Weirdness To The Galaxy (Cool Weird Awesome 658)

Today in 1978, George Lucas's least favorite part of the Star Wars universe, "The Star Wars Holiday Special," aired on TV. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's the only one that has a Jefferson Starship video, a Bea Arthur-owned cantina and opening dialogue that's entirely in Wookiee. Plus: today in 1968, NBC cuts away from the final minutes of a nail-biter football game because it was time to show the movie "Heidi." 

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Two Football Teams Merged And Became The “Steagles” (Cool Weird Awesome 394)

When World War II put many pro athletes into military service, pro sports leagues had to get creative. That's how on this day in 1943, two pro football teams that normally competed against each other joined forces. Plus: for World Smile Day, we check in on the story of the guy who first designed the smiley face.

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