The “Snow Bowl” Proved Playing College Football In A Blizzard Is Hard (Cool Weird Awesome 896)

For some people, watching football is the best part of Thanksgiving weekend. Today in 1950, there was a football game that had to be seen to be believed: the Snow Bowl.

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The Hospital Of The Future’s Secret Weapon Is Surgical “Duct Tape” (Cool Weird Awesome 720)

A team at MIT has come up with a new substance that do-it-yourselfers will love: a surgical "duct tape" that can help seal up wounds and tears in the body's gastrointestinal system.

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Snow Is White In Real Life; In Paintings It Can Be A Different Story (Cool Weird Awesome 453)

Snow gets its white color because of the way light and color work - but in paintings, artists use a few other tones to make their snowscapes look more realistic and more interesting. Plus: why a New York City department store once tried to sell chips of 100,000 year old ice.

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The Time Samoa Didn’t Have Time For December 30th (Cool Weird Awesome 203)

Eight years ago Samoa skipped a day on the calendar, owing to the International Date Line and some business involving its key trading partners. There just wasn't a December 30th, 2011 there! Plus: why break your back shoveling snow when you can design a radio-controlled snowplow to do the work for you?

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The Great Wall of Snow and Other Things We’ll Remember From the Blizzard of ’13

If this really was a storm we'll talk about years from now, then this is the story I'll be telling people about the blizzard of '13.

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