Why Did Actual People Start Building Snow People? (Cool Weird Awesome 945)

There's evidence humans have been building figures out of snow for centuries. But they haven't always been called "snowmen" and they haven't always looked the way they look now. We'll explain how we got the shape and the name.

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A City In Japan Is Trying To Make Electricity From Snow (Cool Weird Awesome 925)

When the snow and ice comes, it makes me think of getting out the snowblower. But a snowy city in Japan thinks, we could power our lights with this.

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The “Snow Bowl” Proved Playing College Football In A Blizzard Is Hard (Cool Weird Awesome 896)

For some people, watching football is the best part of Thanksgiving weekend. Today in 1950, there was a football game that had to be seen to be believed: the Snow Bowl.

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The Hospital Of The Future’s Secret Weapon Is Surgical “Duct Tape” (Cool Weird Awesome 720)

A team at MIT has come up with a new substance that do-it-yourselfers will love: a surgical "duct tape" that can help seal up wounds and tears in the body's gastrointestinal system.

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Snow Is White In Real Life; In Paintings It Can Be A Different Story (Cool Weird Awesome 453)

Snow gets its white color because of the way light and color work - but in paintings, artists use a few other tones to make their snowscapes look more realistic and more interesting. Plus: why a New York City department store once tried to sell chips of 100,000 year old ice.

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Boston’s Mayor Once Wanted To Clear Snow With Flamethrowers (Cool Weird Awesome 221)

On this day in 1948 of the mayor of Boston, James Curley, wrote to the president of MIT, asking that the school's top engineers find a way to get rid of the huge amounts of snow, maybe with flamethrowers. Seriously.

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The Time Samoa Didn’t Have Time For December 30th (Cool Weird Awesome 203)

Eight years ago Samoa skipped a day on the calendar, owing to the International Date Line and some business involving its key trading partners. There just wasn't a December 30th, 2011 there! Plus: why break your back shoveling snow when you can design a radio-controlled snowplow to do the work for you?

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