Science Says Cats Can Perceive Time, Sort Of (Cool Weird Awesome 962)

The news site Inverse stopped me in my tracks with their recent article “Can Cats Tell Time? Yes, But It's Complicated.” And, when we look at the relationship between cats and time, it is complicated.

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Clara MacBeth, The Queen Of Cruise Ships, Spent Decades At Sea (Cool Weird Awesome 942)

Today is Take A Cruise Day. Cruise ships aren’t for everybody, but some of us really take to them, especially Clara MacBeth, who spent entire decades on cruise ships sailing around the world.

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Voyager 1 Hears A “Hum” From Beyond The Solar System (Cool Weird Awesome 535)

Way out there beyond the edge of the solar system, Voyager 1 is measuring the density of the stuff out there. And because that stuff is vibrating, it comes out as sound. In other words, there are sounds in interstellar space and we have now recorded them. Plus: a look at a very chill hobby some bartenders have taken up in Japan. 

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Snow Is White In Real Life; In Paintings It Can Be A Different Story (Cool Weird Awesome 453)

Snow gets its white color because of the way light and color work - but in paintings, artists use a few other tones to make their snowscapes look more realistic and more interesting.

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The People Who Fix Typewriters Have A Job That Still Needs To Be Done (Cool Weird Awesome 375)

Computers and the Internet have changed so much of the world, but older technology that still has a home in the world and there are still people who still make it all work, like the family that runs the Gramercy Typewriter Company in Manhattan. Plus: sitting in a box of ice up to your shoulders may or may not be a job, but the guy who set the world record last week definitely worked.

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De-ice De-ice, Baby (Cool Weird Awesome 28)

Researchers have developed a coating that can stop ice from building up on your car until it’s almost impossible to scrape off. Instead, it collapses under its own weight and just slides to the ground. Not all heroes wear capes.

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