When The Supreme Court Kind Of Ruled That An Airplane Wasn’t A Motor Vehicle (Cool Weird Awesome 966)

Today in 1931, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that seems to say that a guy who stole an airplane was not guilty of breaking the law against stealing motor vehicles. Though it’s actually a little more complicated than that.

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For Michelangelo, Painting The Sistine Chapel Was Literally A Pain (Cool Weird Awesome 963)

Today in 1475 Michelangelo was born. One of his masterworks was the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, though if a poem he wrote about the job is to be believed, making all that great art was pretty painful. Plus: a series of portraits of every US president with a mullet.

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Sarah Biffin, A 19th Century Painter “Without Hands” Who’s Getting 21st Century Recognition (Cool Weird Awesome 897)

Today in 2019, the sale of a portrait by 19th Century English miniaturist Sarah Biffin, a renowned artist who was born without full arms or legs and whose life and work are the subject of an exhibition now running in London.

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Piano Chords May Help Stop Chronic Nightmares (Cool Weird Awesome 884)

There's a new technique that could help people trying to fend off chronic nightmares - and it involves playing "neutral" piano chords at just the right times.

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Repainting The White House Takes 570 Gallons Of Paint (Cool Weird Awesome 878)

Today in 1800, President John Adams first moved into the president's house, which, despite rumors to the contrary, was always a White House. Here's how it gets repainted.

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Why So Many Old Paintings Have Dogs Holding Lit Flares In Their Mouths (Cool Weird Awesome 822)

There's a phenomenon in art history where some paintings feature dogs with lit flares in their mouths. They're not committing arson or leading Indiana Jones through a dark cave... but what are they doing?

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“Mummy Brown” Was A Paint Made From Actual Mummies (Cool Weird Awesome 718)

Today in 1923, King Tut's tomb was opened and entered. That may not have been the afterlife the young pharaoh had hoped for, but it could have been worse: for centuries artists used a paint called Mummy Brown, which was made with actual mummy parts.

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Pigeons Would Make Pretty Good Art Critics (Cool Weird Awesome 637)

Today in 2001 that a scientific journal published a study with an interesting name, which read in part: “Van Gogh, Chagall and pigeons." There's been a lot of research into how pigeons take in and process visual information, like art, and apparently it's pretty complex. Plus: in Detroit, a local news reporter does a story about a local skateboard park, and flawlessly rides a skateboard in the middle of his report! 

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Some Olympians Won Medals For Painting And Shooting Cannons (Cool Weird Awesome 580)

For better or for worse, the Summer Olympics are finally here. We thought it would be a good time to look back at some of the lesser-known events in the history of the Games, like painting and cannon shooting. Plus: Tomas Gomez headed to the driving range just ahead of a storm, and his ball ended up getting hit by lightning. 

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The Mystery of the Georgia Guidestones (Cool Weird Awesome 502)

In northeast Georgia, there are giant stone slabs inscribed with ten rules to lead the world toward "an Age of Reason." But the reason for the rules - and who had them installed there - remain a secret. Plus: a new exhibition features works by acclaimed artist Jackson Pollock and his brother and fellow painter Charles Pollock, the first time their art has been shown together.

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