Scientists Flipped Coins 350,757 Times To See If The Results Were 50/50 (Cool Weird Awesome 1106)

Flip a standard coin and you’ve got a 50 percent chance of heads and a 50 percent chance of tails, right? Well, there’s new research out that says… maybe not quite.

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How High-Tech Garbage Trucks Can Help Maintain A City (Cool Weird Awesome 1080)

A new project using smart cameras could help keep our neighborhoods in proper working order, and it’s all based around garbage trucks. 

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Detroit-Style Pizza Got Its Shape From Another Famous Detroit Industry (Cool Weird Awesome 713)

For National Pizza Day, here's the story of one of the hottest types of pizza in the country: Detroit-style, first made in a special pan that wasn't meant to be a pan at all.

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Brooklyn Still Loves The Blackout Cake (Cool Weird Awesome 340)

Pastries come and go, but in Brooklyn, people still talk about the blackout cake from Ebinger's, a cake so beloved that when the bakery closed, people bought up cakes, kept them in their freezers and ate them only on special occasions. Plus: it's the birthday of Erno Rubik, so maybe someday visit the Rubik's Cube-themed hotel room in Houston, Texas.

Cakes, Cookies and Doughnuts: This Week’s YouTube Videos To Watch With Your Kids

This week's videos are (very) loosely themed around desserts - fitting that we're all coming down from the Halloween sugar rush.

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