If Humans Start Living On Other Worlds, They Might End Up Creating New Accents (Cool Weird Awesome 1192)

Scientists and technicians are trying to figure out the logistics of off-Earth human bases. If that happens, there's some research that suggests the communities could end up developing their own accents.

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If Humans Land On Mars, Telling Time Will Get A Lot More Complicated (Cool Weird Awesome 811)

Many people hope humans will eventually walk on Mars. But there's a lot to sort out before that can happen, including this question: how does the way we tell time change when we have humans on more than one planet?

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What Do Sounds Sound Like On Mars? Perseverance Rover Is Going To Find Out (Cool Weird Awesome 469)

The next Mars rover is set to land next month, and it's equipped with microphones to make the first audio recordings on another planet. So how does sound work on Mars, which has about 1 percent of the atmosphere Earth does? Plus: Saturn's ringed moon Rhea is getting a chemical coating that likely started on another moon.

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25 More Days of Holiday Songs: “Zoomah the Santa Claus From Mars” by Barry Gordon

Honestly, if a Martian showed up on Earth to give out toys, would that be the weirdest thing that's happened in 2020?

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Earth Is Habitable, But Some Planets May Be Super-Habitable (Cool Weird Awesome 396)

We’ve known for some time that at least a few exoplanets could support liquid water, making them potentially habitable. But a paper from Washington State University suggests some of those planets may be super-habitable - as in, they may be more appropriate for life than Earth is! Plus: a new map fills Mars with water, so we can see what the Red Planet would look like if it wasn't red.

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Running The Mars Rover From Home Is The Coolest Remote Work Ever (Cool Weird Awesome 282)

Like people in other industries who have the means to do so, the scientists who operate the Curiosity Rover are working away from their office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in southern California. Though technically when you run a craft that's on another planet, you're always working remotely. Plus: artist Greg Olijnyk makes intricate sculptures of robots, telescopes, ships and more out of plain old cardboard.

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The Mars Lander Can Give Itself A Helping Hand (Cool Weird Awesome 267)

NASA has fixed a problem with its Mars lander, essentially by telling the lander to use a robotic arm to help itself - or, depending on the headlines you read, to whack itself.

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