The Zeitpyramide Is An Art Project That Will Take 1,200 Years To Build (Cool Weird Awesome 1103)

This month in 1993, the start of a project that is going to take a while: the Zeitpyramide, a 120 block art installation that’s being built at the rate of one block every decade. 

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Order A Cold Sandwich And You May Be More Likely To Get Sides, Too (Cool Weird Awesome 488)

A study out of Rutgers University-Camden finds people who order cold sandwiches instead of hot ones also pick up chips, cookies and other sides much more often. Why? Plus: today in 1912, an unusual performance of a classic opera outside one of the great wonders of the world.

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The Great Pyramid’s Workforce Wasn’t As Big As We Thought (Cool Weird Awesome 316)

Hundreds of thousands of laborers toiled for decades to build Egypt's legendary Great Pyramid... or did they? Professor Emeritus Vaclav Smil of the University of Manitoba did the math and found a very different conclusion. Plus: it's the birthday of baseball great Dave Parker, who once hit a home run that stopped 150 miles away from the ballpark.

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