If This TV Show Hadn’t Been Canceled, We Might Not Have Had The Original Versions of “Star Trek” and TV’s “Batman” (Cool Weird Awesome 1210)

Today in 1931, the birthday of William Shatner, Captain Kirk from the original “Star Trek” series. Of course, if a different show he was supposed to star in had gone ahead, Shatner might not have ended up as Captain Kirk.

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25 Days of Holiday Songs 2023: “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” by Star Trek: The Next Generation

A Klingon Christmas must be some kind of party, right?

William Faulkner Was An Iconic Author And A Mediocre Mailman (Cool Weird Awesome 1094)

Today in 1897, the birthday of William Faulkner, the Nobel Prize winning author of novels like The Sound and the Fury, and, for a few years, one of the most unproductive postmasters the US mail has ever seen. 

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How Choose Your Own Adventure Books Let Millions Of Young Readers Pick The Ending Of The Story (Cool Weird Awesome 951)

Today in 1931, the birthday of Edward Packard, who along with R.A. Montgomery founded a book series that let millions of young readers pick the ending to the story: Choose Your Own Adventure.

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A Town In Iowa Is Celebrating Captain Kirk’s Birthday Centuries Before It Happens (Cool Weird Awesome 681)

Iowa became a state today in 1846. And in the 23rd Century, the community of Riverside, Iowa is supposed to see the birth of Captain James T. Kirk from "Star Trek." Here's how the town made itself part of future history.

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Table Tennis Is Also Called Ping Pong, And Was Almost Called “Whiff-Whaff” (Cool Weird Awesome 671)

Today in 1901, the first table tennis tournament concluded in London. It's also known as ping pong, and there were plenty of other proposed names back in the early days.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Was A Trekkie (Cool Weird Awesome 219)

The most prominent civil rights leader in US history was a Trekkie, and a big reason why was the character of Lieutenant Uhura, played by NIchelle Nichols. Here's the story of how Dr. King convinced Nichols to stay on the show when she had plans to leave.

That Time Pink Floyd Jammed Out During The Moon Landing (Cool Weird Awesome 87)

50 years ago, the BBC broadened its space coverage with the band known for playing space rock.

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