Two Tortoises Orbited The Moon Before Humans Did (Cool Weird Awesome 612)

Apollo 8 brought the first human astronauts to lunar orbit in late 1968, but a few months beforehand, the Soviet Zond 5 mission sent two tortoises (and a few other living things) for a trip around the moon. Here's what happened. Plus: today in 1890, Mexican singing and songwriting great Maria Grever was born. Whether or not you know her songs, you know a phrase that comes from one.

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Robots Are Trying To Clean Up The Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 591)

Summer is beach season, and for those times when people leave litter and other waste behind, there are two separate projects to develop robots to clean up after them.

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A Window That Can Keep The Outside Noise Down, Even When It’s Open (Cool Weird Awesome 485)

A special sound-absorbing window design from a team at the National University of Singapore might let fresh air in without all the extra noise.

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When Cows Get Excited, They Tell Each Other About It (Cool Weird Awesome 224)

A PhD student at the University of Sydney, Alexandra Green, studied a herd of cows for more than five months to study what she called cattle vocal individuality. Cows, it turns out, have a lot to say to each other! Plus: the story of Manuela, a tortoise in Brazil who probably should've spoken up at some point.

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Is It A Tortoise, Or Home Improvement Project? (Cool Weird Awesome 43)

Two weeks ago, the staff at the Humane Society of San Diego had to figure out how to help a tortoise with a hole in its shell. Veterinarians Daniel Barbour came up with a plan involving a trip to the hardware store.

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