How Mr. Clean Became The World’s Top Bald Sailor Genie Cleaning Icon (Cool Weird Awesome 1169)

Today in 1912, the birthday of actor House Peters Jr., the first live action Mr. Clean on TV commercials. We'll explain how the character got his name, his look and his worldwide reputation.

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When The New Year’s Ball Drop Is Over, New York City Gets Busy Cleaning Up Times Square (Cool Weird Awesome 1159)

Each year New York City hosts huge crowds hoping to see the famous ball drop. But once the giant party is done and the revelers have headed home, the giant cleanup effort begins. 

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People In The “Dirty” Middle Ages Actually Liked To Get Clean (Cool Weird Awesome 1140)

There was a really interesting piece on J-STOR recently that washes away the widespread idea that the Middle Ages in Europe was just unbelievably filthy. Why is it that we think the Middle Ages WAS so dirty?

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Hydrogel Sheets Could Clean Up Spills Quicker Than Ever Before (Cool Weird Awesome 933)

A lot of us turn to paper towels when there’s a mess to be addressed, but they could also be greener. Researchers are developing a reusable kitchen towel made of hydrogel.

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Robots Are Trying To Clean Up The Beaches (Cool Weird Awesome 591)

Summer is beach season, and for those times when people leave litter and other waste behind, there are two separate projects to develop robots to clean up after them.

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Waterways Could Get Extra Clean After They’re Cleaned By These Drones (Cool Weird Awesome 512)

A device in Denmark, WasteShark, has been roaming through water to scoop up floating debris. Now it's going to have a flying companion drone to help spot waste and maybe even clean up oil spills. Plus: photographer Nancy Floyd has been taking self-portraits and other images, structured the same way, day after day since 1982, to show the passage of time. Talk about playing the long game. 

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Underwater Cleaning Robots Can Lower Cargo Ships’ Emissions (Cool Weird Awesome 263)

This sounds bonkers, but apparently a robotic cleaning system called HullSkater can remove bio-gunk off the hulls of ships, helping them reduce their carbon footprints.

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The Little Robot That Cleans Up After Your Dog (Cool Weird Awesome 156)

A startup called Beetl is developing an autonomous device that’s ready to clean up after our dogs on demand, thanks to a large scooper on its underside. If they’re willing to do this job, maybe robots aren’t trying to conquer us after all.

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Neat Freaks, Be Glad You Didn’t Live In A Medieval Castle (Cool Weird Awesome 99)

If you were a royal several hundred years ago, this might be a time when you’d pack up and leave the castle for one of your other castles. This wasn't just because that’s what you do when you’re wealthy; it was because the castle staff needed everyone out so they could clean out all the filth!

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Roombas! In! Spaaaaaaace! (Cool Weird Awesome 23)

Astronauts have a lot of cleaning to do. But there are plans for a new system that would disinfect the interiors of spacecrafts and space stations with ultraviolet lights.

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