29 05, 2023

The Arlington Ladies Remember Every Servicemember Buried At Arlington National Cemetery (Cool Weird Awesome 1014)

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Many of our servicemembers are laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. For Memorial Day, we tell the story of a group who makes sure every servicemember buried there is properly remembered.

30 05, 2022

The “Murph Challenge,” A Grueling Memorial Day Workout In Tribute To A Navy SEAL (Cool Weird Awesome 782)

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For Memorial Day, we look at what's become an annual tradition at this time of year: an exhausting CrossFit workout in honor of a Medal of Honor winner and Navy SEAL who gave his life while serving in Afghanistan. His full name was Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, but he's also known far and wide today as Murph, the namesake of the "Murph Challenge." 

11 11, 2021

After The Civil War, William Oland Bourne And Veterans Organized A “Left-Armed Corps” (Cool Weird Awesome 654)

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For Veterans Day, we have the story of the "Left-Armed Corps," Civil War veterans who'd lost right arms in battle and were re-learning to write left-handed. Poet and newspaper publisher William Oland Bourne organized penmanship contests to encourage their writing, which he believed would help them find jobs and support themselves and their families as they returned to civilian life. Plus: you can learn about the veterans of World War II through a miniature golf course in Texas. 

29 06, 2021

Before There Was CGI, There Was Special Effects Master Ray Harryhausen (Cool Weird Awesome 562)

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Today was the birthday of Ray Harryhausen, a pioneer of special effects in movies in the days before computers. And while special effects are more high tech now than in his day, his influence is still all over the world of movies in our time. Plus: a veteran flier from World War II gets to take another flight, some 75 years later. 

11 11, 2020

Central Park’s Almost-Forgotten Tribute To Women Veterans Of World War I (Cool Weird Awesome 417)

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We've dedicated statues, memorial walls, works of art, plaques, flags, bridges, roads and more to those who have served in the military. Here's the story of a living memorial in New York's Central Park to women who gave their lives while serving in World War I, that was almost forgotten over decades and generations, and how it was rediscovered in our time.

11 11, 2019

How To Turn A World War II Parachute Into A Wedding Dress (Cool Weird Awesome 168)

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For Veterans Day, we have the story of Claude and Ruth Hensinger, who used the parachute that saved Claude's life during World War II to help build their lives and their 49 year marriage together.

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