Rhnull, The Blood Type That Only A Handful Of People In The World Have (Cool Weird Awesome 918)

Most people have O, A, B or AB type blood, but there are dozens of rarer blood types, including Rhnull, which is sometimes called "golden blood."

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James Harrison May Have Been The Best Blood Donor Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 769)

Today in 2018, Australian James Harrison gave blood for the last time. He had donated about once a week for some 60 years, and because his blood included a rare antibody, his donations helped save millions of lives.

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When Marvel Printed A KISS Comic Book, The Band Added Its Blood To The Ink (Cool Weird Awesome 544)

Today in 1977, Marvel Comics publishes a KISS Super Special - and what was really unusual was that the band members had each added a little of their blood into the ink. Plus: a fire-breathing pipe organ that wouldn't be at all out of place at a KISS concert. 

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