Rhnull, The Blood Type That Only A Handful Of People In The World Have (Cool Weird Awesome 918)

Most people have O, A, B or AB type blood, but there are dozens of rarer blood types, including Rhnull, which is sometimes called "golden blood."

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James Harrison May Have Been The Best Blood Donor Of All Time (Cool Weird Awesome 769)

James Harrison gave blood about once a week for some 60 years, and because his blood included a rare antibody, his donations helped save millions of lives.

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When Marvel Printed A KISS Comic Book, The Band Added Its Blood To The Ink (Cool Weird Awesome 544)

Today in 1977, Marvel Comics publishes a KISS Super Special - and what was really unusual was that the band members had each added a little of their blood into the ink. Plus: a fire-breathing pipe organ that wouldn't be at all out of place at a KISS concert. 

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